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Commercial agreement between Jumpmatic Rides and Atlantis VR

Commercial agreement between Jumpmatic Rides and Atlantis VR

2019, Mar 15
Atlantis VR signs an agreement with the leading company in the sector of the mechanical attractions, Jumpmatic Rides, to distribute and produce virtual reality contents oriented to the existing attractions of fairs or theme parks.

Jumpmaitc Rides, in this way, is combined in the channel of sale and distribution of this type of contents and systems that adapt to any attraction.

"What makes this product different is that we do not only make films for mobile devices, as is usually done in almost all roller coasters or rides, we create systems with much more powerful devices that synchronize with the routes. interactive and, of course, do not require modifications in the attraction itself ". Juan Manuel, CEO of Atlantis VR, comments.

Regarding content thematic, there are all kinds, from interiors of castles with orcs, passing through dinosaurs, underwater worlds, and terror.

"The cost savings in animatronica pieces that tend to exist in this type of attractions is huge, since you can even eliminate the actual thematization of the route, and the best thing is that the price per trip can be doubled, since the graphic quality and special effects, the contents are really impressive "says Alberto, CEO of Jumpmatic.

This technology is already implanted in some attraction in Spain, and soon we will be able to see it in many others around Spain.

"The last attraction that we have adapted, if I may express it, is a free fall, during which during the ascent, we will be surrounded by zombies and fantansmas, a whole experience of terror, which together with the free fall itself, make of this attraction something difficult to forget "Adds Juan Manuel.

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