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Hologram big size in a castle.

Hologram big size in a castle.

2018, Jul 25
Atlantis develops a large hologram system (6 meters long X 3 meters high) with a new material that does not need the typical black boxes or darkness.

In addition, the new hologram system can even be placed with ambient light and it is not necessary to use any reflection images materials, reducing a lot the necessary space that was previously needed to produce this type of systems.

For this hologram size, only 3 meters of background was needed.

The hologram that showed a woman of a legend of the city, could be placed outdoors.

To give the maximum image quality, the filming of the actress was done on our chroma set, with cold lighting, and a 4K resolution camera.

The projector we used was 12,000 lumen laser technology and 4k resolution.